Address Book Software for Windows

The best way to manage, organize and print your addresses

Key Features of Addza

Address Book Software for Windows

Addza is packed with features and yet very easy to use.
If you don't find a feature that you need, just ask us and we may include it in our upcoming release.

Key Features include:

  • Import Addresses from Outlook

    Get started instantly by importing addresses from your Microsoft Outlook or any other email client. Addza provides an easy to use Wizard process that can help you import contacts from Outlook. Addza checks for duplicate entries and provide adequate prompts and keeps you in total control of your contacts.

  • Import Address from any Gmail, Yahoo etc.

    You can also import your contacts from your email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Addza accepts importing of CSV, VCF or Text file formats. It's quick and easy.

  • Print Labels

    Print labels for business and personal use. Addza offers a vast range of label sizes and standards to choose from.

  • Smart Groups

    Don't want to spend to much time Categorizing your contacts? Use the Smart Groups feature to organize your contacts in groups in few clicks. This extremely powerful and handy feature makes using Addza as a number one choice for maintaining your contacts.

  • Flexible Printing Options

    Print your addresses with ease. Choose the fields you would like to print and just hit the print button. Unlike most other address book softwares, Addza has an inbuilt Print to PDF option that will let you print your addresses directly into a PDF file.

  • One-Click Backup

    Taking a back up of your entire address book is as easy as a click. Just click backup when you need to, to perform this otherwise painful task.

  • Lightning Fast Search

    Addza Quick Search lets you search within thousands of contacts instantaneously.

  • Unlimited Addresses

    Store unlimited addresses. There is no limit on the number of addresses you can store. Both the trial and the registered version provide you with unlimited contact storage.

  • vCard Support

    Addza lets you import and export into vCard format. Addza supports both 2.1 and 3.0 version of vCard format.

  • Export Address Book

    Export your addresses into CSV or VCF (vCard) format for import into PDA, Mobile Phone or any other application.

  • Easy Address Entry

    No Property Tabs or Complex user interfaces. Addza's single pane entry feature keeps the process extremely easy.

  • Birthdays

    Store birthday, Anniversary or any other important dates within a contact. You can also create a smart group to know upcoming Birthdays or Important dates to remember.

  • Contact Notes

    lets you add or search a remark or note about any contact.